Earn stable,

Backed by Real World Assets
Emerging Market Debt - yields of ~25%

Why MoHash



Higher returns by tapping into fast growing economies and markets where financial services are undergoing technological revolutions. ~25% + base APYs on stablecoins.



Stable yields by backing the protocol returns with diversified real-world assets with low volatility and strong risk management. Across bull and bear markets.



Deep Markets by tapping into the latest advancements in the financial tech infrastructure in the 20T$+ debt in emerging markets.



Sustainably long term returns through contractual obligations spanning multiple years. 2+ years of visibility on APYs.

Backed by the best


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Can remain neutral in a 3-way fight. Swiss army knife. Finance nerd. Himalayan Yogi


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I'm a 0/0 !== Infinity guy. We are not heartbreakers; we are shuttle breakers.


MoHash is a DeFi protocol which provides investors access to sustainable scalable stable high yields backed by real world debt assets. The protocol issues a fungible ERC-20 token (MoH Token) that reflects a claim on a diversified pool of debt instruments which are risk managed and financially regulated in order to protect the investors’ interests.

MoHash is a crypto asset manager which provides investors a tokenised debt mutual fund – this means that the investors are not underwriting any particular borrower. There is no junior/senior tranche since the end products are underwritten in the real world by a regulated financial entity. The diversified portfolio is tokenised and investors are given an exposure.

The intention is to provide liquidity through dexes principally. Secondary liquidity will be through protocol redemptions. In order to ensure availability of liquidity on the dexes the protocol will provide incentives and also own part of the liquidity. As the protocol grows in size it should be able to increase the scale of its direct redemptions.

The governance token or the GoH Token will be introduced for the purposes of management of the protocol as well as to reward early adopters and users and liquidity providers. The token will also be staked in order to insure the investors in the protocol and the voting rights would be proportional to the duration and quantity of the vault escrowed GoH Tokens

We are working on designing our Tokenomics based on the best ideas that DeFi has to offer and through continuous engagement with the leaders of the community

We are intending to start with the Ethereum and Matic blockchains while keeping an eye on the latest advancements in the various L1s and L2s